After building the foundations of your new business or brand, it’s time to tell the whole world the value that you offer. Don’t just wait for people to find you. Let us help you reach out to your potential customers.

  • Product Ads on Search Engines and Social Media (e.g. Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, etc.)
  • Social Media Presence (e.g. Facebook Fan Page, Google+, etc.)
  • Creating your sales funnel (Squeeze page, broadcast/follow up email series, email list building)
  • Digital Marketing materials (e.g. videos, banners, giveaways, etc.)

The fastest way to grow your business with the leader in Technology



Be it an Amazon store, your new slick lookin’ Shopify site, or anything else in between, we have the know-how and most importantly, the YEARS of experience to get you started and more.

[i] For starters, here's what we offer:

  • Market research and product selection taking into consideration the niche that you are so passionate about if you have one.
  • Identify and source products (dropship or white/private label)
  • Design your money site and set up your product listings for retail/wholesale

[ii] Here's what we offer to get you going:

  • Order processing and Shipping confirmation systems
  • Repricing, inventory, and listings management
  • Seller feedback, product review, and reputation management
  • Staff management

Digital Product


Gone are the days when you need a publisher to print and sell your book, and that’s just the start. The age of the internet, computers, and smartphones created the demand for digital products and here’s where we can help. These products are so hot right now and they’re here to stay forever; and they don’t run out of stock!




Jackdog is not alone all these years making other businesses grow. We’ve had help from other contractors such as website developers, graphic designers, and customer representatives. Hiring the right people for the job can be tough but with the right systems and processes, it can also be easy. When it comes to building your company with an army of dependable contractors, here’s what we can do

  • Job Posting and Application Handling
  • Interview and Screening
  • Hiring and Training
  • Refresher training, Mentoring, and monitoring
  • Performance reports for Client and Contractors

Katrina and Jerome, founders of Jackdog, have been helping people achieve financial freedom, the dream lifestyle, and even retirement plans since the dawn of the company in 2011. The company started with multimedia projects – audio and video productions primarily to aid businesses with marketing – and eventually transformed into an overall business solution. The transformation made Jackdog an expert on selling on Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces and retail platforms.

Starting an online business can be intimidating and complicated, but with Jackdog IT CAN BE EASY.